Scuderia Maranga Racing aims for the 2019 world title

Just a few weeks before the end of the 2018 World Championship, the Bologna team is set to be a key player in the 2019 season.

During the official interview at the Paddock Show in Eicma, the Sponsor, Alberto Marangoni, made it official which drivers would participate in the 2019 World Championship and there were great surprises.
First of all, there will be a transition from Honda to Kawasaki, thanks to the direct support of the Akashi factory, an important element enabling Scuderia Maranga Racing to compete on equal terms with the official Yamaha and KTM teams.

But the news that flew around the web and definitively launched interest in this team for the 2019 season into world orbit was the choice of pilots. In fact, the team want to deploy 4 bikes, 3 of which are already assigned to: Maria Herrera, Borja Sanchez and Jarno Ioverno, the fourth is yet to be decided.

Maria Herrera and Borja Sanchez are the highlights of 2019, two drivers who have shown their talent throughout the season, finishing 12th and 7th respectively with three podiums to their credit. Two communicative riders, of great media interest and Maria is the most interesting woman in motorcycling at the moment.

Jarno Ioverno, on the other hand, is the team’s uncompromising bet. Born in 2002, he has made a name for himself in the national championships and has always won on the most prestigious Italian racetracks. A young man with a look revealing the fire inside, a choice that must be seen in perspective, the new Italian lever to evolve in this championship and in the ranks of Scuderia Maranga Racing.

Scuderia Maranga Racing has left nothing to chance by also signing an agreement for the management of this triptych, which will surely be discussed a great deal.

A goal that launches the team and sponsors into the global attention of media and fans, because Scuderia Maranga Racing has been able to snatch the three most prominent drivers in their 2018 championships.

All we have to do is dream.