24 February 2021

The Scuderia

Scuderia Maranga Racing (Maranga Racing Team) is not only a highly professional team that has achieved excellent competitive rankings and high regard in the racing environment, it is also a leader in sports promotion and communication. Scuderia Maranga Racing takes excellent care of the image of companies wishing to link their brand with this team, by organising brand label promotions on its bikes, advertising campaigns in major national newspapers and broadcasts on national television stations. It has a broad range of contacts and partnerships in the context of Grand Prix motorcycle racing and the Superbike World Championship, with related official championship journals. It organises events and days tailored to each individual company, ensuring active participation for all those taking part.

Thanks to the experience Alberto Marangoni has accumulated over the years, first as a rider/manager and Manager now as in previous years, this benchmark team – whose strength lies in its dynamism and originality – has become an obligatory point of reference for entering the difficult market as leaders.